Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine who is trying to get a foothold in the art market.  Her name is Lilly and I think her work is quite fantastic.  And very affordable at $3.00 each.  Yes!  A mere $3.00.  So get in on the ground floor!
A little about Lilly.   I don't think she'd mind if I told you she is 7 1/4 years old.  She and I have been friends her whole life.  (I've known her twin brother as long, too.)  She leads a very active life with school, riding her scooter, swimming, baking, Disney visits and playing at Stone Mountain.  But she really has talent in the arts.  So I am helping her see how the art world works.

Feel free to leave comments or questions, subscribe to this blog (I'll be posting more of her work as well as my own) or sharing it with fellow art lovers.
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