Friday, September 16, 2011

Jubilee, sculpture approx 3' x 3'

Hello art lovers! I am finally trying to get back into the merging my blog updates with my daily art making routine.

Of late, I have gotten and new, big studio space not far from the house. It has given me some freedoms and a new environment for my muses. It is a grand place and you're welcome to come by anytime M-F 10-6. I will not always be there but it will be open and you are welcome to poke around. I am in a building that is mainly used for showing the work of Dryads Dancing. The work is functional items from picture frames to dining room tables made of reclaimed wood from barns and houses. The stuff is awesome.

And I have been busy painting and making some sculpture. It has been invigorating to work in 3 dimensions, not to mentions beat on things with a hammer and such.

So the result of my first foray into assemblage in years is Jubilee. Let me know what you think. He is available for sale at Hanover Gallery in Chattanooga.

And here's another bit of great news. I have been asked to join Catherine Kelleghan Gallery here in Atlanta. I am very excited about this new opportunity to show my work to a new set of clients and Catherine is great to work with.

Ok, now I have to get back to creating. I'll be back to continue catching you up and to upload new work.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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